what we do

Strontium ltd specialise in identifying and developing high growth potential small to medium sized companies.

We focus and support these organisations to grow and prosper through the identification of new markets and products, improved business processes and increased capitalisation.

Whilst we often take an equity stake in SMEs, our core objective is the active participation of our consultant teams in them.

The organisations we deal with are often already successful in their own right, but have reached the point where a helping hand is needed. Growth plans may have stalled due to a lack of funds, expertise or experience, or perhaps an injection of fresh ideas or a reorganisation of the company is necessary in order to drive the business forward.

Alternatively the owners may be looking to build an exit strategy and therefore want to develop plans to strengthen the business prior to leaving or retiring.

Whatever the need, Strontium offer a bespoke service to organisations and individuals whose businesses typically turnover up to £10,000,000.

Sounds good, but what’s our track record like?

Currently Strontium have two long term investments, Miad UK Ltd www.miaduk.com and The Learning Eye Ltd www.thelearningeye.com.

We'd be glad to tell you more about these companies and other organisations we've helped to transform over the past decade.

For additional information call: +44 (0)1189 036035 or email info@strontiumplc.com

our service focuses on

Providing business start up advice and strategic planning

Our team have either been directly involved, or have advised in over 30 start-up ventures across a range of business and industry sectors, and not just within the UK. Our reach has extended across a number of European countries and even to Australia.

Our advice and support has included:

  • Developing initial business plans
  • Devising funding options
  • Helping establish new products and markets
  • Providing direct management input
  • Assisting in mergers and acquisitions
  • AIM listing and fundraising

We have helped steer and manage companies through growth phases and downturns alike and as a consequence are both extremely competent at taking new concepts and turning them into viable business propositions as well as managing organisations through difficult times.

Developing and implementing sales growth strategies

Sales are the life blood of any organisation, indeed without growth a business will ultimately fail. That growth, however, comes not just through effort but requires a well thought through strategic plan.

Once a strategy has been clearly defined and agreed we can provide the skill sets needed to put the plan into action. From devising internal and external communication plans, to providing introductions and access to bigger clients both at home and abroad. We have the knowledge and the network.

Delivering market research and shaping product development

Any support or advice we offer is well researched. Our aim is to ensure that any key business decisions taken are done so based on information, not speculation.

Our internal multilingual research team can access most global markets and test ideas and products, thus ensuring the maximum chance of success... and it doesn't stop there. Ongoing surveys can be established to measure customer satisfaction and help to shape future product or service development.

Creating business improvement through operational efficiency

The development of sales and marketing strategies often take priority in many small to medium sized companies. Whilst the development of these plans is clearly vital, for an organisation to really optimise its performance it must also ensure it has the right people and the right processes in place.

Strontium's holistic approach to business development means that we apply the necessary level of focus on creating operational efficiency by ensuring that the right organisational structure is in place and that effective processes are being employed.

Offering guidance on funding and financial issues

Most organisations in the small and medium business sector underestimate their need for cash and overestimate the speed with which sales will grow.

This is a fatal combination that often leads to the collapse of good organisations. We offer a full financial planning service to small companies and help implement good financial practices.

Through a network of contacts we can also often source potential investors or help negotiate longer term financing needs such as factoring, business angels, venture capital or banking facilities.

Supplying interim management services

Smaller organisations often want a short term burst of energy or need additional skills for a period but cannot afford a full time member of staff.

Either via our internal team or through our network of contacts we can normally source a short-term, highly skilled interim specialist in whatever business area is needed to drive an organisation forward.

This support is often related to specific tasks or projects and as a consequence will be results focussed and can deliver measurable improvements.

Formulating PR and reputational management guidelines

As businesses grow their needs alter and their market exposure increases.

Quite often this requires the development of a PR plan. Members of our team have a wide range of corporate and financial PR experience and can be called upon to create and deliver real positive impact to the reputation and awareness of a smaller business.

Our aim is to get our clients 'punching well above their weight'.

Devising and structuring exit plans

This is often the last thought in the mind of a business just starting out, but developing and then delivering an exit for investors and/or the founders of that business is a key part of our work.

There are many reasons why an exit is sought and such plans are not just short term, indeed typically Strontium has been involved in devising three or even five year exit strategies.

Whatever the reason or rational, our team has the experience and capability to develop these plans and can assist in the structuring of an organisation to optimise its value.